This workshop is for those who have the desire to create and gain new photographic knowledge to fuel your passion! Through this online course, you will learn how to operate your digital camera, and how to use the camera to create the images you want. 

Students will be introduced first to the history of photography and then we will walk our way through the main components of creating an image, such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and composition. Students will even have the opportunity to hear from professional photographers throughout the industry! 

A typical week will start on Monday with new lessons posted online with video tutorials, activity sheets, and a photo task to put into action what you just learned. Thursdays are held for photo task uploads, where students will post an image they took that week using their new skill. On Fridays Miss Londot and Dr. Londot will share a virtual critique of the student’s images, which will help them improve for the next week’s photo tasks. 

At the completion of this workshop, students will receive a personalized photographer access badge along with a certificate! In order to enroll in this four-week course, head to the bottom of this page and click “enroll now”!

There will be NO live video streaming with students in this course. 

About the workshop

This workshop will be sure to inspire your true creativity and we are so excited to virtually meet you!

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frequently asked questions

- Students are expected to complete assignments and activities weekly to stay on track with the course

- Be respectful of others while interacting with educators and other learners

class expectations

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- Internet access

- Gmail email address to access Google Classroom

- Ability to upload/download materials to/from Google Classroom

- A digital camera with manual setting capabilities

- Tripod (optional)

materials needed

Miss Londot is a professional lifestyle portrait photographer with a focus on families. With a Bachelor of Science in Photography, Miss Londot has envisioned a life of photography from the beginning. She officially started her business, Nicole Londot Photography, in 2016 and has loved every minute of the journey that has brought her to where she is today.

She absolutely loves working with kiddos which shows in her photography style as well as the four years of experience working in elementary schools as a para-educator and substitute teacher. Miss Londot is currently working her way to complete her Masters of Elementary Education where she dreams to become a fifth-grade teacher!

Miss Londot is so very excited to teach your kids how to enhance their photography skills!

Dr. Londot is a well-known 6th-grade teacher in the Paradise Valley School District in Arizona and has won the Arizona Science Teacher of the Year award and the Educator of the Year award during his career! He earned his Doctorate of Education in 2017 in order to further his skills as an educator. Before teaching though, he was a photographer!

In 1986, Dr. Londot received his undergraduate degree in Commercial Photography at Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts and Science. After he graduated he worked in the photographic field as a medical photographer spending time in operating rooms and clinical environments. Today, he continues to use his love of photography by engaging elementary students in the GenYES program of technology, media, and photography and video production. 

Dr. Londot's love of teaching and photography has found a perfect balance with youth from around the world while working with his daughter, Nicole, on several location shoots.

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the faq

What if I don't have a g-mail email address?

what is the refund policy?

What is the cost of this workshop?

Not a problem! You can obtain a free G-mail email address when you go to "". A G-mail account is required to access the materials that are located in the Google Classroom. 

Unfortunately, with the amount of time and hours spent creating the class, once classes begin there are no issued refunds. If however, you decide to unenroll before the start date, we would need you to contact us directly. 

This four-week online photography workshop is $125 and is due in full during enrollment. 

the faq

Are there certain times of the day I need to be online?

Do I need a webcam for this course?

Can I use my cellphone as my digital camera?

This site is monitored for activity daily, but there are no specific times to meet within the classroom due to students being in multiple timezones. 

No, this online workshop will not be live streamed. You only need access to the internet!

No. You need to be able to manually control your camera settings (ISO, shutter, aperture) which is not available on cellphones. 

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