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You don’t grow when you are comfortable. You need to explore, to dive, dive deep into the depths of something new. Transforming into something you desire to be isn’t an easy task. It isn’t a fast one either. Yet you keep planting and cultivating, loving and knowing that beautiful things take time.

Sometimes we get caught up in the whirl wind of life; spinning us out of control in every direction. Distractions are everywhere and if you don’t complete something within a split second, it’s taking too long. Good things take time though. Those dreams you’ve had or have, those don’t happen over night. Sometimes, we need to focus more on the big picture and less on the billion little things going on around us.

I knew when I decided I want to be a photographer that I wouldn’t get to where I wanted to be over night. Also, I didn’t really know where I wanted to be! It wasn’t until recently (about 2017) that I truly found my way. I stopped focusing on other photographers, on their passions and what inspires them. I stopped comparing myself! And I started listening.

I threw many of the rules I had learned out the window and I started listening to what was pulling me in. What inspired me and what made me get lost in a single moment. It wasn’t just one thing that drew me in, it was a thousand. The light, the sun, the breeze in the summer air, the hair blowing in your face, the giggles, the soft touches, the dancing, the laughter, the love. I wasn’t just drawn to families. I was drawn to connection. The connection with each other, with this world, with nature.

I put together little collages of my images from about the time I started photographing people (2011) to now. Growth doesn’t happen over night. It takes long hours, patience, and courage. Courage to step out of your comfort zone and to dive into something new. Stop and listen to what inspires you, what brings you peace, what calls to your being. That’s the thing that is going to transform you.

















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