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I believe documenting and capturing your family is such an important thing. From the every day little details of your kiddo running around the house; to larger gatherings when grandma and grandpa are around. But here is why I focus my time with the small, the intimate, and the closeness of an immediate family:

You can’t get real…like REAL real with other relatives around. The moments where your child is sitting on your lap, leaning their head against your chest; with the sun flooding in through behind. Or how about those tickle fights where you’re all piled on the bed and the youngest is in hysteria as you touch their little toes? These moments, the real ones. They are so special. They are full of the deepest love.

I feel that photographing a large extended family hinders me from being able to capture those small intimate moments. I believe that those little things that make you unique to your family gets lost. With trying to coordinate where grandma should be, and worrying that your kiddos aren’t looking. We miss the small things. We lose touch of loving on our family.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have met some astounding photographers who thrive off of extended family sessions. They indeed look magical. For me though, it’s not what makes my heart sing. And don’t you want a photographer who is honest and true about what gives them inspiration? Who will give you exactly what you are looking for without even asking? Because in each image of theres you see the love, the magic and you can even envision your family within those frames.

When it comes to choosing a photographer, be sure you are choosing one for the feels. I know that the investment can be great, but isn’t great what you want? Also remember, you wouldn’t go to the dentist to get your ears checked. Photographers have specialties too, mine is Intimate Family Lifestyle Photography. If what you are looking for is right here, then please send me a note! I would love to chat with you. If I’m not exactly your style, hey that’s totally okay! But reach out anyways and maybe I can help you find someone who is 🙂



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