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DING! DING! The last bells of the school day goes off. Everyone is darting from their seats, out the doors and into summer. Today was the last day of 8th grade.

Like most 8th graders, I had a group of girl friends and we had our group of guy friends, commonly referred to as “the boys”. The last bell rang for our 8th grade year and we all gathered in the courtyard for some pictures, naturally. Celebrating our accomplishment of finishing our last year of middle school! Woo!

When the courtyard cleared, our group started walking to my house. I lived across the street, so this was pretty common that we would all head there. We’re walking in the middle of Cannon Drive when one of the girls starts…I guess…pairing off all of us friends. She said, “You’re with him…she’s with you…Nicole you’re with Anthony”. We all laughed, but clearly no one objected because the next thing you know my friend was turning my parentless home into some sorta 7 minutes in heaven haven.

Yes this is real life. I promise you I couldn’t make this up if I tried!

The next moment, all I remember is Anthony and I awkwardly sitting on my mom’s weird antique sofa and Anthony is making small talk about my bird. (I’m tellin’ ya, I can’t make this up.) At some point the bird discussion subsided and ladi-da holy shabang we had our first kiss…like THE first kiss. The heavens opened up and angels were singing from above! Haha okay, no. But it felt like it.

The weeks go by, it’s now my birthday. My mom created this life saver game (look it up for a good laugh if you haven’t heard of it). It consists of two toothpicks, one life saver candy, a boy, and a girl. She claims she was the one who got me and Anthony together. Little did she know about our 7 minutes in heaven on her antique sofa 😉

Things were cute like any 8th grade relationship. Him and the boys made me a video for my birthday (that I still have to this day). It consists of lots of skateboarding, rapping, and calling me Nicolei – still very unsure how that name started.

Our summer days were coming to an end. High school was starting soon, so naturally all the boys were breaking up with their arranged girlfriends. I was last. Anthony walked me down the street from his house…we stood there on the corner as I listened to my boyfriend tell me “there is just no more magic”. Heart. Shatter. WHAT!? (if you are wonderdering, he most definitely said those words to me and I most definitely tell everyone we know about it to this day)

Time goes on…There are the girls and there are the boys. We all stayed close through the years. Where the girls went, the boys were sure to follow and vice versa. It was pretty fun in high school together. Many memories I’ll never forget were made. Anthony and I weren’t really able to be too close during high school though. There seemed to always be something fighting against us and our friendship. We always had this connection and we got along so well, but there was always this barrier between us. (by the way it wasn’t like we kept trying to date or anything..just be friends is all)

And onto college! My status with “the girls” had changed and Anthony and I started hanging out again when he moved up to Flagstaff for school. We had our moments, but most of the time we were in Flagstaff together we were in other serious relationships so nothing really started. At the time, what we had was good and we were okay with it. Because everything happens for a reason, right?

Next thing you know, I move to North Dakota. Anthony and I didn’t talk much then. Except each year on my birthday he would send me the sweetest texts to let me know he was thinking of me. I thought of him often, but we had such different lives then.

Fast forward about four years…that would be April of 2018. I connected with some old friends from our high school group and I was asking them how all the boys were doing and then they got to Anthony. I perked up a little because I realized how long it’s been since we’ve really talked. So that day I sent a text. The simple “hey how you been?” and so forth. Let’s just say the enthusiasm I received back was not what I quite expected. He seemed ecstatic that I had texted him! Which made me smile lots 🙂

I found out later that Anthony had been meditating a few days before I texted him (remember we haven’t talked in about 4 years). While he was in his meditation he was doing his thing and then BAM (this is clearly with my exaggeration) I popped into his mind. A few days later I sent him a text saying “hey how you been?”. This now explains the enthusiasm I mentioned earlier. But, it was fate I tell you!

We were texting for a while and he mentioned he was coming into town (by the way he lives in Oregon, forgot to add that in). Needless to say I was nervous as all hell. We were texting in a friendly manner, but I also knew that there was something more. So yeah…I was a bit nervous. To make things less nerve-racking he invited me to a family dinner with some of our old friends. Some who I hadn’t seen since high school. Yeah I was just peachy keen with my nerves by this point.

Everything that night went well and led into a night out with our friends…it was a super long night. But you know, your trying to be fun and impress him so you force yourself to stay awake about 5 hours past your bedtime. Because your just SO fun! (insert eye roll) I died. But before I died, Anthony and I were up for hours talking. He told me he liked me (cue the blushing) and I mirrored my feelings back. Kissy kissy, smoochy smoochy, and now we’re here!

That is the story of how Anthony and Nicole became Anthony and Nicole. It’s one of my favorite stories. Not because oolala happy endings or anything. But because our story is just 100% us in every way. Funny, soft, real, strong, and just love. And well because this story has Anthony in it…probably also why it’s my fave 😉

Do you believe in soul mates? Because before 2018, I didn’t. I thought that we find some one, learn to love them and that’s that. But it wasn’t until Anthony that I believed it was real. That someone could truly be your other half. In my words, the cookie dough to my ice cream 😉  And just a warning (if you couldn’t already tell)…it’s all mushy gushy from here on out so brace yourselves!

Love is patient, love is kind, love is all things it says in Corinthians 13:4-8. Love listens even though you may disagree. Love is understanding and empathetic and true to your feelings. I always knew I deserved a man like you, Anthony. But I didn’t believe it truly existed until you loved me.

Guys. I’m going to be real and vulnerable and this kinda totally 100% is out of my comfort zone. But for him, I would scream it to the world. I am so in love and I feel SO loved back. The communication and vibe I have with Anthony is like nothing else. At times I literally think he can hear my thoughts, answering questions I didn’t even have time to ask. And oh my goodness, is it fun! Laughing with him is the best feeling in the world. I can honestly say I love every little thing about this man. The truth, the ugly, the love, the friendship, the kindness, the beauty…all of it. He is my very best friend. I accept all things about him with zero expectations and like he always tells me…”I’m just mirroring your love.”

But the truth is babe, you are the one I am mirroring. You have shown me true love and friendship. The way you love me and how it makes me feel…all I do is accept it and what comes out is just the reflection of what you show me each and every day. So thank you for my favorite love story. And for the love story we continue to write each day. I love you always.


  1. Lizzie says:

    I loved reading this. Such a special story to share + hold onto for a lifetime.

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