Something Magical Happened


February 26, 2018, something magical happened.

My thoughts were racing. What are the important things I need to capture? What is she going to want most of? I have never even been around a newborn like this, let alone in the same room as one being born! What in the world was I doing!! And then I was there. I walked into the chaos of the O.R., nurses getting into position, the NICU team prepping their station, doctors hovering over my dear friend’s body, preparing to bring a new life into this world. But then I looked at her; I looked at this young beautiful woman moments before she becomes a mommy. She looked so calm and her eyes were filled with so much eager to meet her baby boy and that’s when my anxiety disappeared and I knew exactly what I was there for.

Aaron (daddy), is in Afghanistan, which is why I was in the O.R. documenting this moment.  It’s ringing, a couple beeps and Aaron is connected. I hand the phone to Cheyenne and watch her eyes follow the image of Aaron, wishing he was right there to hold her hand. Connection lost. I reach for the phone immediately…it’s ringing, he’s back. I hand the phone to Cheyenne, she smiles as Aaron spills out sweet words of encouragement to her during the biggest moment of their lives.

I glanced around the room watching these very important people working vigorously to bring this baby boy into the world. Movement was everywhere, and then in a split second it felt like the world stopped. I heard a cry. Then the room filled with the sweet sound of new life.

I grabbed the phone Aaron was connected to just as the doctors raised this magnificent baby boy into the air. My heart melted. My camera was clicking like crazy making sure not to miss a single moment. In seconds baby was handed off to the NICU station where I watched them handle this precious baby boy in the most incredible way. I couldn’t believe what was happening in front me. Two seconds ago, this amazing life was inside of my friend! There are truly no words to describe my amazement and love for the moment I was able to experience.

As soon as the baby was cleaned up, they moved him swiftly to mama, where I got to capture the most magnificent moment I have ever seen. Once again it felt like the world was on pause. Mom looked up to meet her son for the very first time and a tear fell from my face. She smiled the sweetest smile as he was brought close to her face. She looked up at me and I saw it all; he stole her heart.

Welcome to this beautiful world Keaton Everett Will.

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