My Year of Growth


2018 is going to be my year of growth. If you haven’t heard of Power Sheets, you should check it out. It has been amazing discovering the goals I need instead of just putting down “I want to eat better”. The Power Sheets make you think of the big picture; asking questions about things that matter to you, questions that bring you to your goals.

Since Nick’s accident in March, I have felt like I have needed God more than ever; so this year, I am growing my relationship with God. Nick and I have started going to church regularly now, at Evangel and it’s really starting to feel like home.

So much has happened in 2017, that has pushed us back and brought us back up again; even stronger than before. Working on my relationship with Nick, is my next goal. Nothing is perfect, and with everything that has happened this year, I think we have really lost touch in us. So I want to grow in our relationship and learn to listen more and talk less. It’s going to be tricky, but he’s worth every non-talking moment 😉

Loving myself. This goal was a hard one to put down. I haven’t given myself time to heal from the heartache of Nick’s accident and haven’t loved myself like I should. The accident brought me to a place I am not proud of in my life. A place of negativity, pain, loneliness, and depression. I want to love myself again and to give myself what I need to feel rested and refreshed. I never understood the importance of truly loving yourself; until everything in life piled up at the end of the year. I felt absolutely drained and in need of help. This goal will probably be one of my most challenging; I have put some actionable steps in place and I am working on it each day.

2018, is going to be an amazing year. A year of growth, cultivation, new adventures, and love.


My 2018 Plans (so far):

FEBRUARY: Heading to Arizona to celebrate my best friends bridal shower & my little nephews birthday!

MARCH: Going to Arizona, again! For that same best friend’s, now wedding (WOOHOO)! I also have many photo sessions I have booked up for while I am in town. Check out the details about my family sessions and send me a message if you are interested!

MAY: Flying across the world to Poland!! I am going on a mission trip with my mom to spread the word about Christianity and I can’t wait. When our mission is done, my dad and brother will be joining us to explore Vienna & Prague for an additional week!!

JUNE: Once agin going to Arizona for the Thomas Rhett concert, and to do more photo sessions! If you are interested, send me a message and i’ll be happy to get you on the books 🙂

JULY: Road trippin’ with Nick to Washington State, to show him the wedding venue and to do some exploring 😉

There is lots of traveling for 2018, but I am most excited about pushing my business to the next level. Giving my clients an even BETTER experience than before and to making new life long friendships along the way.

Here’s to 2018, let’s make it happen!



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