How to Photograph Your Kiddos


Your kiddos, they’re just constantly doing the cutest freaking things, aren’t they? But you try to take a picture of this super adorableness that is happening in front of you and then it’s over. You missed the moment. World just ended. Just kidding, but your heart sank a little. What if I could help you. What if I could give you some killer pointers for photographing your kiddos?

I don’t mean to bribe them with ice cream if they sit still so you can get that perfect shot. But actually give you pointers that I use during my family sessions! I’ll give you one little insider, let it go. Just let it go, and not like Elsa…but if your kiddo isn’t having it, ignore them. They will want it even more then. Trust me. When they feel left out, they want to feel even more included! That’s a little reverse psychology for ya. 
For reals though, I want to help you. Because there are moments that only you see. Moments that truly express your kiddo in the moment and the madness that they are in in that time of their lives. Kids are CONSTANTLY changing. I mean, I think I picked a new favorite color every day of the week when I was little. They are spontaneous, energetic, a constant change, which is what we love most about them, right? So let me tell you how you can get these sweet little tips on how to capture your little in the chaos of every-day life. 
It’s super simple really, and I promise you it’s not a trick. You just gotta share your email with me and a totally FREE digital download will be sent directly to you. I truly, honestly want you to know that this is for you. There is no spammy emails that will be sent to you, it’s just a way I can see who is interested AND if I ever have any super awesome specials going on…THAT is when you will get an email from me. Still want these sweet goods on how to photograph your kiddo? Just head to this link: and scroll alllll the way to the bottom, where you will see the title ‘Love Capturing Moments of your Loves?”, and enter in your email address, then hit send. About a minute later, you will have the digital download all ready for you.
I seriously hope you enjoy it! And if for some reason these tricks just aren’t working, email me, call me, I will help you out! I’ll give you all the tricks up my sleeve so that you can capture those absolutely amazing beautiful moments of your kiddo. 
P.S. You can actually find it at the bottom of every page attached to my website, if that makes it a little easier 😉 So just scroll down now and you should see it!

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