Baby Fever


I’ve got baby fever on the mind like crazy after this amazingly gorgeous session with Megan! I think it was later in high school and more so in college when I would just dream of being a mom. I could see it, I could see them running around outside while I chased after them. Or how they would cuddle up close when they were sleeping. I crave it. I crave that unknown closeness I hope to someday have. 
At first, I used to think I never wanted kids. They were loud, messy, annoying, just wasn’t a fan. I was clearly delusional. Because they’re great! I mean, I seriously hope I have a neat freak of a kiddo one day, but other than that they truly are amazing. I think that my mindset really changed when I spent a lot of time with a friend and his little girl. It was actually because of that little girl that I realized I would actually love to have a girl and not just all boys like I originally thought. I saw though the relationship between father and daughter in a perspective I have never seen before. I mean because obviously, I am a daughter and I have a father. But it’s so different when you can look from the outside in.
It’s the unconditional love between a baby, a child, a daughter, a son, and their mother or father. It’s a bond like nothing else really. I can’t wait to feel that. It’s not just the dressing them up really cute, because that will be a blast, of course! But it’s the feeling of holding their little hand, or the touch of their tiny baby fingers on your cheek and knowing they are forever and always apart of you. 
So while I was capturing this unimaginable gorgeous moment between mother and son-to-be, I couldn’t help but think of how amazing it would be to be a mom. 

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