In-Home Session: Low Light, No Problem!


Have you dreamed of doing an in-home family session but were too worried about your home? Maybe it has poor lighting, or you might think it’s not modern and fresh? Well, ladies and gents, I am here to tell you…IT’S OKAY! It’s actually more than okay, it’s perfect 🙂 This session below was taken in an old home with very low light and it was a dreeaaamm. Like for reals. So, please don’t worry and if you are truly concerned with your home you can absolutely get a hold of me and I can walk through your home with you just to make sure. And then, I can tell you all my favorite places in your home where your session will look freaking awesome. Because that place exists, you just might not see it yet 😉

Another concern I have run into with clients, is that they just simply don’t like their home. Or the one I love, is that their home is messy. If you truly desire and have always imagined an in-home family session, then make it happen. Don’t worry about how your home is decorated, it’s you. We like you. So please don’t think people will judge that. As for tidiness, yes your home should be picked up and look nice. Just pretend grandma is coming over, nothing fancy but picking up a little clutter is always okay!

In-home family sessions aren’t for everyone. If you want to see if they are right for you, head on over to my website where I go into some detail of in-home sessions –> LOOK HERE!

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